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Why Microsites? Grow Your Church Without Breaking The Bank Grow Your Church Without
Breaking The Bank
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It’s not church in a box. It’s church beyond the box.

The Church is the hope of the world, not because of the buildings that are setup in it’s name, but because of the Good News carried by the people who serve it. Microsites are a high impact, low cost ministry strategy that shines brightest when those same people take a kit, and share a service with people who are far from your church – either spiritually or physically. Integrated into your existing program, microsites expand the walls of your church to places you’d never dream it could go. Why do we love microsites? Because for the last 4 years we’ve witnessed it change the lives of thousands of people with our own eyes – over and over and over again.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help churches confidently deploy microsites into the cities and neighborhoods they serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see 1,000 churches launch microsites aimed at reaching the marginalized, the lost, and the pockets of people who need to hear the Good News through a streaming service.

Our Values

Our values are wrapped around the words of Jesus: We want to be servants to those who are bravely implementing microsites in their existing church contexts. We are committed to sharing EVERYTHING we’ve learned about microsites through live local teaching and coaching, web-based learning platforms and social channels.

Every Street
Every Person

Lastly, we want to see every effort succeed to the point of multiplication. “Every Street. Every Person.” was the charge from our pastor; with your church believing the same thing, we actually believe it can happen.


Successful microsite services we’ve helped lead over 7 years.


Average number of weeks to healthily multiply a microsite from 1 to 2 locations.


The number of microsites we’ve hosted on a single weekend from 1 church.


The number of lives given to Jesus at a microsite in a single year.

Stories from the front lines are a great way to track with and learn about the movement. Hear first-hand accounts from team leaders and veteran MicroSite practitioners.

Upcoming Events & Gatherings

  • PDC Conference 2020

    Capture a vision and a pathway for your church's local and global impact at Purpose Driven Church Conference 2020. With a proven and intentional approach to ministry, Purpose Driven Churches are committed to the same five purposes for God's people and

Stories from the front lines are a great way to track with and learn about the movement. Hear first-hand accounts from team leaders and veteran MicroSite practitioners.

The Team & Ambassadors

The team is comprised of current and former microsite volunteers, regional leaders & shepherds who spend years on the ground pioneering, serving, loving, bleeding for those on the margins that God would have us reconcile back to Him. You will never speak to someone that has never launched or gave their heart to serve at a microsite to bring Jesus to the least of us.

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