Microsite FAQs

While Pastoring Young Adults at The Rock Church in San Diego, Mingo helped host a community outreach event in downtown for Good Friday in 2013. About 5,000 people attended the service, heard the gospel, and experienced the best of what the church had to offer in a contextual new expression of the church beyond the walls. Two days later, to continue the momentum, he hosted the very first Microsites for Easter — 4 services at three different sites – A shelter, a bar, and a college campus.

Anyone can launch a microsite – with or without the endorsement of a local church. A microsite is defined as gathering of people utilizing technology to host a proxy church service. Anywhere. Anytime. With Anyone. It’s missional. It’s communal. And it’s changing the way people and ministries experience church.

Microsites began by taking advantage of live-streaming technology before Facebook Live was available to the public. Today, people use Facebook Live, videos loaded to vimeo.com, youtube.com, messages stored locally on laptops, tablets, or phones.

A Microsite is a hybrid combination of your church’s weekend service (worship and teaching) and an outreach ministry (bringing that service (via video) to a place and people group that wouldn’t usually attend your church. Think of it as a missions trip, to the neighborhood. What makes it incredible are the lives that are changed because volunteers from your church decided to take the message to where hope and help are needed most. Meeting people right where they are is one of the simplest ways your church can grow. Microsites expand the walls of your church — one simple site at a time.

We love helping ministries reach new people. We can help with equipment options, training volunteers, facilitating a conversation with staff, and presenting to executive leadership teams on the topic of Microsites. Take advantage of our free resources, Mingo’s social channels (@micrositeguy on Instagram or Youtube) or talk to a team member on zoom, or FaceTime. We host a free one-hour assessment for all interested ministries. It’s our goal to see every church launch microsites to reach people with the Good News of the Gospel.

Yes. Each of our team members is a bi-vocational professional and ministry leader. We understand the value of professional assessments and want to maximize our time with every visit. We succeed when helping ministries champion the implementation of microsites in their local context. Email us at info@micrositeministry.com

Kit FAQs

We commit to walking alongside each client relationship on their microsite journey. The Kit is a constantly evolving product, and develops as the ministry itself develops. We ask ministries to help us create the best possible tools by giving us regular feedback on how their kit is performing on the field. If an issue arises with a kit, we work diligently and swiftly to resolve its issues within reason. We understand that wear and tear happens naturally, and we want to ensure that every microsite runs as consistently as possible. If damage occurs to a kit within a year of it’s purchase, we work to resolve the issue.

We’ve never had a returned kit. If a ministry wants to return a kit for a refund, we’d charge a 20% refurbishing fee if it’s in good condition. If the kit is damaged, we have to assess it’s condition and will determine a buy-back rate if possible.

Kits are built to order. It takes 2-3 business days once an order is placed for all the parts to ship to our San Diego shop. It takes 3 days to properly build and test all the components before we ship it. Standard shipping rates and times apply. We can expedite any shipping process (and even fly to you with the kit if the calendar and cost is reasonable!) We love meeting our ministry partners!

Shipping varies on each order’s destination.

A kit is an all-in-one custom projection unit. It comes with a 3000 lumen Casio Xj-A series projector with HDMI outputs, Bose stereo speakers with aux options for expandable audio, a 5 channel mixer with XLR, RCA, & 1/2 inch inputs. Battery powered kits utilize 2 independent 400 watt power inverters that power the whole kit + 2 onboard USB inputs to charge your phones, tablets, mobile hotspots or anything USB powered. Each kit also comes with a traditional 110v outlet to power additional devices like market lights, dvd players, laptops, an additional speaker or DJ deck. All of that magic is housed in a custom modified pelican case that has a telescoping handle and wheels for easy transportation. We include a screen also!