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In Our First Year

…of leading microsites with the Rock Church, we quickly became aware that this ministry was going to revitalize our own expression of church in our city and surrounding communities. The method was messy but the mission was blessed. We failed fast, and learned how to do this thing called Microsites. In fact, while sitting in our post Easter all-staff meeting, our senior pastor Miles McPherson asked, “so what are we going to call these things?” and from the back of the room I blurted out, “microsites!” and it stuck ever since.

In Our Second Year

…of leading microsites, we began to invite other churches to take the leap of faith and pioneer alongside us as we began to document the ways it could move beyond a single church effort and become a tool for several churches to reach the lost in their communities also.

In Our Third Year

…of leading microsites, we were hosting over 35 weekly sites in our own city, and were talking to churches on a weekly basis about the potential this model had in their own context of ministry. We knew we had moved from a singular expression in a single ministry, to a multi-city movement, launching teams and sites across the country and globe. At the end of that year we piloted our first ever Microsite Summit. We convened leaders from existing microsites, church pastors, and volunteer teams to collectively share inspiration and best practices with those who were curious about this thing called microsites and others who had been at it for as long as we had been running them.

In Our Fourth Year

…of leading microsites, I transitioned out of my role as Microsite Pastor at the Rock Church and gathered the most experienced leaders, practitioners and pastors who had also developed microsites from across the country and activated a vision I’d had since our summit: launch MicrositeMinistry.com; A national hub of trainings, best practices, free insights and bleeding edge advancements in the world of microsites. The goal has always been to create a central network where leaders of microsites can share tips, tech, photos, successes, and failures, in an open forum that fuels the movement that we all know and love. If you ever want more info, just ask me. No church effort is too small. No partner is too big. This expression of church is the future of ministry as we know it, and we want YOU to help us pioneer it.

– Mingo Palacios (Microsite Pioneer and founder of micrositeministry.com)

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