If serving is
below you,
is beyond you.

The Team & Our Ambassadors

Our team is comprised of current and former microsite team leaders, regional leaders & shepherds who spent years on the ground pioneering, serving, and crafting the ministry we call microsites. When you connect with our team, you can be confident that you are speaking to someone who has years of experience launching, sustaining, and serving volunteer leaders to champion microsites.

Mingo Palacios

Mingo Palacios pioneered the Microsite Movement and Ministry while serving as a Pastor at the Rock Church in Southern California. 3 of his 10 years on staff were focused on developing volunteer teams who launched and nurtured nearly 40 microsites serving nearly 700 weekly attendees.

He continues to shepherd that movement on a national level, speaks at several churches, and now leads at Saddleback Church, as the Pastor of PD Culture and Evangelism.

Robert Cortes

Robert Cortes helped launched the 2nd microsite back in December of 2013. Then launched Grocery Outlet on Easter 2014, which is still running to this day by the community.Launched La Jolla Shores, Camp Pendleton and oversaw multiple microsites as a regional leader and launched the first Juvenile Hall microsite in 2016.

Robert Cortes founded an online marketing agency called RebelFish Local back in January of 2015 to serve the local brick and mortar businesses. He uses his agency to expand the local church and gives his skills to existing ministries and church launches.

He was interviewed by Refreshed Magazine to learn about his story.